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Another Bourne Legacy trailer - this looks promising

Jeremy-Renner-in-The-Bourne-LegacyThis summer may be entirely about The Dark Knight Rises, but on August 3 Jason Bourne comes back from the dead.

Or Jason Bourne comes home.

I don't know. Jason Bourne does something on August 3.

Since the studio wanted to rake in more cash from this incredibly successful franchise, and Matt Damon was done with it, it has created this Bourne Legacy thing. Jeremy Renner plays the latest government op who has gone rogue, and absolutely must be stopped or the whole thing is going to burn to the ground.

The unofficial over/under on the following lines in this new Bourne movie are:

a.) "He knows too much!" go with 5
b.) "Who are you working for?!" at least 10 
c.) "This goes all the way to the top" at 3 
d.) "Who am I?!" at 25

Even though this new trailer pretty much tells the entire movie, I am not sure if it's a prequel, a sequel, a re-boot or whatever. Who cares? Jason Bourne is an R-rated MacGyver who kicks ass in really cool, painful ways while showing the emotion of a cyborg.



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People have to remember that Jeremy is playing a whole different character. Aaron is another agent working for the program. Yes Jason Bourne is mentioned but that is it. I think it is a new version of the bourne series. I watched the previews and I can't wait to see it. Jeremy looks awesome but he does with all of his other movies. ☺ Shirtless? YUM YUM YUM. xo


This movie is no 'Avengers' but it looks zany and action packed!


This one looks awesome! Best movie of the summer!

Billy T

One more:
"let's bring him"

Billy T

One more:
"let's bring him"

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