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Another reason to not like Tiger Woods, & why Jack's major record looks safe

146487878_crop_exactThe most entertaining aspect to the U.S. Open is always watching the world's best golfers reduced to weekend hacks.  This now includes Tiger Woods, who once again proved what I have been saying for years: The old Tiger is gone.
In his place is still a great golfer, and an impressively arrogant man who is growing very, very, very hard to like. Watch? Hard not to watch Tiger. Like? Hard to like Tiger.

After his round on Friday at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, Tiger was asked about the play of amateur Beau Hossler, who became a media hit throughout the weekend.

Tiger said: "Well ... long way to go. I kinda experienced that myself (as am amateur) at Oakland Hills - same deal, first round. (I) made a few mistakes after that and I think he made a few mistakes as well."

That's nice. When Tiger was the hot mateur, all of the established pros said nice things but now that he is the established pro he chooses to be arrogant and glib.

Hossler finished a plus-9, 289 for the four days, two shots back of Woods.

If Tiger chooses to be an arrogant so and so and behave like a brat on the course, that's his right. I have no problem with that. But don't fake the Mr. Nice Guy who is now trying to reach out to a fan base that adored him when, in reality, you'd much prefer keep their distance and allow you to live the life of celebrity without its hassles.

Woods will turn 37 in December, and his run on Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major titles is slipping with every tournament. Tiger has 14, and you would think he needs to get this done in the next few years. Winning a major after 40 can't be expected.

He is scheduled to play the British Open at Royal Lytham and St. Annes Golf Club in Lancashire, England on July 19. Can't like his chances there. Despite his dominance, Tiger has never won the British (at that course). He's won the British at other courses three times.
Jack Nicklaus 1986 Masters
Between that tournament and the end the time he turns 40, barring injury, he will have 18 more Majors to play to tie Jack.

Tiger wasn't won a Major since the 2008 U.S. Open.

He may one or two more, but given his play and his advancing age 18 seems unrealistic.







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While I agree with the article, it is clear you don't know what you are talking about:

"Can't like his chances there. Despite his dominance, Tiger has never won the British."

Tiger has won 3 Open Championships: 2000, 2005 and 2006.

Jake L.

I don't like Tiger. Loved him before he got himself in soooo much trouble; since then, not so much. If he wins a Major this year or in the next 2 years after 2012, I think he can catch Nicolas. But if he doesn't win a few majors by his 39th Birthday -- NO WAY he gets the record. The time for Tiger is NOW!!!! If not between now and 39; then it's over. Till then, it's game on.


The biggest difference between Tiger and Jack boils down to sportsmanship.

Jack has always shaken the hand of foes who have defeated him.

Here's the incredible record of Jack Nicklaus just in majors:

18 1st place majors
19 2nd place finishes
9 3rd place finishes
46 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finishes
He adept at coming from behind to win - Tiger Woods has never come from behind to win any single major.

What stands out the most is the 1969 Ryder Cup in England. Tony Jacklin was trailing Nicklaus and on the final hole, Jack had to make one two foot putt to win the match. The Ryder Cup was already secured for the Americans win, lose or draw.

Jacklin had won the US Open earlier that year as the first English player to win.

Jack conceded the putt to Jacklin, resulting in a draw to the match and more importantly, helped Jacklin save face in front of his countrymen.

This was the ultimate gesture in sportsmanship.

Would Tiger Woods have conceded that putt?

The answer is obvious.

Tiger is BACK

Tiger will demolish Jack's record. Tiger is the Mike Tyson of golf. Untimatly he will self destruct but man is he fun to watch when he is on top.

Oh...and don king will get all of Tiger's money

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