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Big Mac Blog exclusive: A children's book reveals details of The Dark Knight Rises (not kidding)

IMG_0904Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and the other powerful people who have made The Dark Knight Rises aren't going to be happy about this, but The Big Mac Blog has the goods on the biggest movie ever produced.

As you can see here but this children's book, "I Can Read! The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Versus Bane", is all you need before you stand in line for 15 days to see the movie.

According to this book, this is what we can expect:

* "There is a new villain in town.
His name is Bane.
His goal is to destroy Gotham City.
The Gotham police are helpless.
Bane is too strong to stop and too smart to catch."

According to this, Bane kidnaps Police Commissioner Gordon, but he escapes through some elaborate tunnel system.

Batman comes out of retirement, and has a nasty fight with Bane.

Bane is absolutely ripped, but the U.S. government has been unable to prove that he used Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Now here is the part that really chaps my behind: This doesn't tell the whole story! I have to spend another $4.99 to find out what happens in the next "I Can Read!".















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that's already a better story than most movies.

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