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Bob Gainey's fingerprints are all over the Stars' trade of Mike Ribeiro

2010+NHL+Draft+Round+One+Kc2aBU7N0BElBob Gainey did not return to the Dallas Stars as some senior advisor who would scout a little, help sell some tickets, and talk to GM Joe Nieuwendyk every few weeks. Bob hasn't been with the Stars very long, but he was here long enough to want Mike Ribeiro off of his roster.

The Stars dealt center Mike Ribeiro to the Washington Capitals for a second round draft pick and center Cody Eakin on Friday. The Stars have been trying for years to unload Ribeiro, and Gainey obviously forced the issue by suggesting, "Just get anything you can."

Don't be surprised if Cody Eakin is the second coming of Janne Niinimaa, and Gainey will be fine with that.

Bob has never liked Ribeiro. When Gainey was the GM of the Canadiens he dealt Ribeiro to the Stars just before the start of the 2006-'07 season for Niinimaa, who never did anything for the Stars, or Canadiens. 

People around the Stars laughed at Gainey for this deal, but as one coach told me, "Do you really think Bob Gainey would just give this guy away if he didn't know what he was doing?"

In Bob's thinking in Montreal, moving Ribeiro was addition by substraction. It had to be done.
It is the case with the Stars: Mike Ribeiro had to be moved. He had become a giant box of empty stats.

He drove coaches nuts because he wasn't regularly committed to a two-way game, wasn't a big fan of going to the hard places on the ice, relied more on his God-given skill than work and every now and then you would hear stories about off-ice stuff that wasn't ideal. It should be noted that when you miss the playoffs the way the Stars have recently, a lot of stories are going to be floated about certain players.

Ap071116055139_s800x1198Yet in each of Ribeiro's first two seasons with the Stars the team made the playoffs, including the Conference Finals in 2008. That season he scored 83 points in 76 games. In his time with the Stars, Ribeiro was nearly a point-a-game player.

The statistics said this was a quality producer. And numbers wise, he was. 

All of his numbers helped produce a team that for four consecutive years has missed the playoffs.

Ribeiro may not have been the type of problem he was for Gainey in Montreal, but Bob knew Ribeiro was not going to be part of the solution in Dallas.




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if i'm a Stars fan then i'm worried... Gainey's track record in MTL is deplorable.

To wit: his 'philosophy' there also included not re-signing even ONE pending UFA -- this included fan favorites Saku Koivu and to a lesser extent Alexei Kovalev (who was well-liked in MTL and still producing at a decent level).

but worst of all was his getting fleeced by Glen Sather in the Gomez deal, which, could have been forgiveable had he not also 'tossed in' Ryan McDonough, who was a horse for NYR this past postseason, logging the most TOI of any backliner.

his paw prints were also all over every crap trade and questionable personnel move Pierre Gauthier made the prior two seasons as well.

i loved Gainey as a player and he was a servicable enough head coach after retirement in Minnesota but his latter years front office moves have all been quite curious.

golden goose

riberio will have a couple of shots to win a Cup the Stars will be lucky to make the playoffs so whos the winner here?

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