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Boxing cements itself as a joke with Bradley decision over Pacquiao

Bradley-celebratex-inset-communityTo those who insist that gymnastics/figure skating are not a sport, and that the NBA is rigged I give you boxing. It remains a sport that must rely on incompetent judges to declare winners, and routinely gives us new champions that make us collectively ask, "Um, what? Are you kidding?"

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, boxing discovered yet another new low when challenger Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley was declared a split decision winner over champion Manny Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight belt. Bradley may be the first fighter in history to win a fight without having landed a single punch.

I want these judges to explain how they saw Bradley winning more than a round, let alone the fight. Either that or reveal who their dealer is.

To say this decision is controversial is an insult to the word. It was embarrassing.

Beating up a guy for 12 rounds no longer is enough. The Pacman apparently needed to shoot Bradley to win a decision that felt pre-ordained.

This garbage decision ranks next to U.S. boxer Roy Jones losing in the 1988 Summer Olympics to South Korean Park Si-Hun as one of the worst the sport has ever seen. That was a fight so one-sided that Si-Hun actually apologized to Jones.

Bradley should be apologizing to Pacquiao, given him the belt and gone home.

At least according to the Pay Per View/HBO fight judge, Pacquiao won every single round. The only round I could see Bradley winning was the second, barely, where he landed a few decent punches. 

According to the HBO stats, Pacman landed more shots, was the more efficient puncher, and won this fight easily. To the naked un-trained eye, this wasn't a great fight but was an exhibition of Pacman's superior ability.

He never got seriously tagged. He landed better punches. He landed more punches. About the only thing bad that happened to him was he suffered a cut in his mouth.

So imagine the world's surprise when ring announcer Michael Buffer said after reading the judge's official scores, "And new champion ..." What a giant, steaming pile of you know what.

How Bradley maintained a straight face when he told Max Kellerman of HBO after the fight that he felt he controlled the final rounds is as impressive as Meryl Streep in any of her Oscar-winning performances.

For the five or six people left who do not believe boxing is rigged, this decision is really not going to help.

For those who wanted a Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao fight, keep waiting. When Mayweather gets out of the clink, not only will he have leverage for an ever larger cut of a potential fight with Pacman, the first guy he's likely going to fight is Bradley.

And Mayweather is going to pummel Bradley.

Of course, in boxing, pummeling a guy doesn't guarantee victory.

It may be a prelude to yet another bogus decision.

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Boxing lost tonight! FLAT OUT CHEAT!!!! I want my money back!!! SHAME ON THOSE STUPID JUDGES!!!!! SHAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!! Boxing is officially DEAD!


Blantant display of shameful judging.

Pac got cheated

This was totally rigged and the judges should never judge again for taking a paycut. Follow the money. I will never pay for pay per view again in my life for boxing so sad reminds me of gw bush vs gore


(paraphrased) Quote from the guy who won the fight, following the fight:

"I tried hard and I couldn't beat the guy"

Quote from the manager of the winner (also the manager of the loser, but still...):

"Something like this is so outlandish, it's a death knell for the sport. This is f------ nuts. I have both guys, and I'll make a lot of money in the rematch, but it's ridiculous. You have these old f---- who don't know what the hell they're looking at. It's incompetence. Nobody who knows anything about boxing could have Bradley ahead in the fight."


no more pay per view fights.....


Sorry. In my last comment, the second quote should have been attributed to the promoter, not the manager. Definitely a different person.


its all about the promoter...he is the one who controls the fight not the fighters


One of the worst decisions ever. Banish those 2 judges forever to Timbuktu.

One of the most hit the nail on the head with humor write up! Kudos to the writer!!


How can I share this write up to my FB? This article is so damn good Bradley must read this pronto!!!!


Boxing is now DEAD because of those judges!!!


I liked everything you wrote!

Leon Uragon

BOXING is the real loser here. Its about time to stop watching boxing.


and yeah, I was one of those 5 or 6 people that always believed in fairness!

James Procurve

Nevada now is like Mexico. The only way to win now in Nevada it to TKO or KO the opponent. This really shows how big is Nevada Boxing World, they do not care about boxing and its fans, the ONLY care about he MONEY...


shame on those judges...the whole world was a witness of who really won.its a complete robbery on the part of team pacquaio and team bradley felt that they lost, only to be shocked when the results was anounced.boxing as a sport is dead.


animal, peste ...panuway...yawa.


Fucuk the judges i will never watch a boxing fight again. It is a shame and Manny should leave Bob Arum he fixed it...


halimaw ang mga judges....mangamatay unta mo tanan...satanas..


bradley shld have given the belt to pacquiao and admitted he lost!that way,he made himself respectable.this aint pac marquez 3,hell no!not even close to dispute the winner.boxing shoots itself in the throat!bradley the powerpuff is a joke.


this proves only that there is a clear descrimination in america/// Manny should knocked bradley out to ensure victory.. If Manny can not knock out bradley in the possible rematch, i am sure judges will declare bardley as a winner... this is not fair.. I should have watched UFC instead of boxing.


i agree with what everyone here has said. its funny that i havnt seen any1 defending bradleys win. even the trolls know this is crazy


shame, even a poor young boy who will watch this fight he will cheerrrs to the colored pants fighter even not knowing that guy is a found for found king in the world.


These corrupt judges should be punish. An investigation should be initiated by the promoter himself Bob Arum re these corrupt judges of the NSAC. Mayor Goodman should also join in the investigation of these officials or else I would start to campaign to my friends in the social networking sites not to patronize Las Vegas anymore. Better spend your money somewhere else rather than tolerating these NSAC officials for their bad decisions in the ring.


The three blind mice... what else?


why the promoter hired judges that are blind...?

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