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Craig James can "turn his hat around" to talk about Iran, Israel & Medicare

Craig-JamescarrdThe gift that keeps on giving, Mr. Craig James, once again delivered. Thank you, Mr. James. Thank you, Houston Chronicle.

The Chronicle nabbed James since his run for the U.S. Senate netted an impressive four percent of the vote, and James is ready to get back at it.

Politics? He wishes.
Sports TV? Probably.

Either way, we are the real winners. 

James told the Chronicle that a couple of networks have reached out to him, but not ESPN. My guess is a regional network, like a Fox Sports Southwest. Considering his political bend towards the right, Fox certainly makes sense in that regard.

James says he "loves sports" but that he wants to stay involved in "fighting for public policy". The public needs more guys like James, who haven't done a thing in public policy.

James is under the impression that his political bid now puts him on the political platform, too. He does have the hair for it.

He said: "I can talk about sports and turn my hat around and talk about what is happening with Iran, Israel, immigration, Medicare, Medicaid."

Because talking about the BCS is virtually no different than talking about Iran. Apparently all you have to do is turn your hat backwards.


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You seem to have the ability to do both. And of course your left leanings are not discernible at all.

Bob In Arlington

I would suggest to Mr. James that he hold his talks with his bathroom mirror as an audience of one will give him a majority vote on his decisions, either Sport or Government.

That why he leaves out the subjective and he's inclusive in his gene pool and loving constituents.

"The" OSU

Listening to a story the other day about the Nazi party in Germany. In the elections immediately prior to Hitler's rise to power, the Nazis got less than 3% of the vote. No doubt Craig is inspired.

Google says Craig James killed 5 hookers at SMU.


He doesn't need to turn his hat around, he is a guy who constantly talks out of both sides of his mouth.

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