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Dallas Cowboys LB Bruce Carter: A player, or another 2nd round dud

135478729_display_imageIRVING, Texas - Today was one of those hot days at the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility where the ground itself seemed to sweat. It wasn't even 90 on the thermometer, but it was depressing hot.

And on this painfully hot day the Dallas Cowboys conducted one of their OTAs, where the team "improves every day" as coach Jason Garrett likes to say.

Included on this field of sweat is second-year linebacker Bruce Carter, the team's second round pick out of North Carolina last year.

Carter did just about nothing last year, but it is way to early to determine if he is yet another Dallas Cowboys' second round dud and will join the ranks of Martellus Bennett, Anthony Fasano, Kevin Burnett, Jacob Rogers. Or Carter could be another Sean Lee, who was a second round pick in 2010. 

On Wednesday, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said Carter was progressing and making the necessary adjustments from moving from outside to inside linebacker.

"He's the guy we thought he was when we drafted him," Ryan said.

If you recall, Carter came to the team as damaged goods with a bum knee. He barely played last season; according to something called, Carter played 41 defensive snaps in 2011. 

"His timing is exaclty what we thought it was when we drafted him. This is going to be a big offseason for him," Garrett said. "From Year 1 to Year 2 is very significant. You want to see him out there playing. He's responded to what we are doing in the weight room and on the field. He's growing every day and we can see it. He has a long way to go and everybody knows it."

Carter is apparently over the knee injury, but if the team thought he was developing at the right rate they would never have signed Dan Connor away from the Panthers in the offseason. Carter should be a starting inside linebacker next to Sean Lee. Should be. But right now he's competing for the job.


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First off, he wasnt gunna do anything last year seeing that he had a acl injury n culd barely run. Second signing Dan Connor is insurance incase carters not ready to start right away. And YOU havent seen him play a game with dallas so how can he even be labeled a "dud"?......Well good thing ur not a GM esecially for dallas or we'd B screwed. please post a article worth reading thx....


First off, the Cowboys suck. We are soooo out of it next year. We have no chance. I could play corner for Dallas. IT DOESN'T MATTER!! Next season is going to be painful. Accept it. We are terrible.


First off, the Cowboys suck. We are soooo out of it next year. We have no chance. I could play corner for Dallas. IT DOESN'T MATTER!! Next season is going to be painful. Accept it. We are terrible.

D2 Is A Moron

Alright, first off.. This article is non-sense. Connor is brought in for competition and depth and experience to help carter develop and push him. Linebackers are like corners in the NFL. There first year they are always almost non existent. Mix in with the short off season last year and injury and the true evaluation of carter will be at the end of this season.

Secondly, who is D2? A child? I could play corner for dallas over a pro bowl corner jenkins who was hurt all of last year? Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne? Sensabaugh is a pro bowler. Now there is talk Nick Collins could be in the dallas area since doctors are saying his neck is fine for the NFL. You are an idiot. Dallas took a horrible secondary and made it a strength.

Didn't know a team was trash that had Witten/Romo/Felix/Murray/Austin/Smith/Bryant/Ware/Lee/Carr/Claiborne/Sensbaugh/Ratliff and so forth. Finally got a kicker last year too. So on the contrary. Since garrett took over and took a year to weed out the trash, this team is on the grisp of a deep playoff run or superbowl.

Yet, take that great insight to yours too a casino or booky. You deserve a good beating after you lose a ton of money you can't pay.

James Joyner

While I agree with the general tenor of this, I'm not sure that either Martellus Bennett or Anthony Fasano qualify as duds. They were drafted to a team that already had a stud tight end--some consider him the best one in the game--ahead of them on the roster. Both are still in the league--Fasano as the starter in Miami and Bennett presumably angling for the starting job in NY.

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