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Dallas premiere is tonight; one thing already missing - no Cowboys Stadium in the intro

1216119816_1I was too young to understand what the TV show Dallas was all about back in the day, but was sophisticated enough to know that even at a young age the first few minutes of the popular TV show were worth watching.


No. 1 Victoria Principal
No. 2 Charlene Tilton
No. 3 Patrick Duffy (be real - the guy was awfully handsome. Such strong features. So fit. Penetrating eyes. Great teeth ... anyway ...; my God, is it hot in here?)
No. 4 Texas Stadium

Ask any young football fan and the coolest thing about that show - aside from Patrick Duffy, I mean Victoria Principal - is the helicopter fly over shot of Texas Stadium.

AM Tomes stadiumIt partly inspired me to write a book about the place, which is on sale now. BTW - if you want it, just email me and I can send you a copy. That way I get the money, and not Barnes and Nobles. These babies are priced to sell; Hello, Father's Day! 

For some reason, is not allow an embed of the famous Dallas opening, so click here for some nostalgia.

Tonight, TNT re-boots the classic drama with a new episodes starring a lot of young pretty people. Even Linda Gray is back. Click here for S-T man Robert Philpot's review.

Click here for the show's website.

BTW: Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are included in this series. Larry Hagman and a few others shot a scene or two at Cowboys Stadium last fall in Jerry's suite during a game. Was Jerry there? Why of course.

I have not seen an advance of tonight's episode, but I am already disappointed. Where is the new Cowboys Stadium in the intro? 


The best way for this new version to begin is for Patrick Duffy to shoot Larry Hagman in the shower.


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David F

I just now realized that I own a copy of Tony Romo America's Quarterback by you, Big Mac Blog.

The book was a gift I received probably 4 or 5 years ago.


The book The Big Mac Blog wrote on "Texas Stadium" is great. I picked it up a while ago. If you are from Texas, or love Texas sports trivia, the book is a must read. It's a fun book.


That is not the correct intro used before the show is aired. The intro does show a quick shot of the Cowboys Stadium field shot through the open roof.

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