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Even with Deron Williams, here are the numbers why the Dallas Mavericks should fear the Thunder

IThe Oklahoma City Thunder made my earlier prediction of another Spurs' NBA title look stupid by winning four straight in the Western Conference Finals for their first ever NBA Finals appearance.

Seattle must be thrilled with these developments.

Watching the Thunder methodically destroy the Mavericks, Lakers and Spurs in this playoff run it seems that Oklahoma City could have the league's nexty dynasty.

David Stern must be thrilled with this development. His New York Knicks can't win a game yet the flea-market Thunder are rolling.

Even if your Dallas Mavericks can sign Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams this offseason and put him next to Dirk Nowitzki, we should all be scared to death of the Thunder for the next few years.

Here is why:

Kevin Durant, age 23, signed through '15-'16 (unrestricted fa in 2016)
James Harden, age 22, signed through '12-'13 (restricted fa in 2013)
Serge Ibaka, age 22, signed through '12-'13 (restriced fa in 2013)
Kendrick Perkins, age 27  signed through '14-'15 (unrestricted fa in 2016)
Thabo Sefolosha, age 28, signed through '13-'14 (unrestricted fa in 2015)
Russell Westbrook age 23, signed through '16-'17 (unrestricted fa in 2017)

Can the Thunder afford to keep this nucleaus together? Having Durant and Westbrook locked in are the keys, now the trick will be able to convince James Harden to stick around. It does appear, however, this team is loaded for an extended run at the top of the Western Conference.


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One of Harden or Ibaka will be gone after next yr. Most likely, Harden

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