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Former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach weighs in on Craig James' senate run & a college football playoff

Mike-leach-p1ARLINGTON, Texas - The last person I expected to see at the final day of Dallas Cowboys minicamp was Washington State head football coach Mike Leach, but there he was on Thursday afternoon chatting up Jerry Jones on the sidelines.

Wearing a Washington State hat and t-shirt, Leach looked and sounded very comfortable. He was in town working a football camp at McMurry University.

I asked him a few questions, and as you might expect he did not disappoint getting in a direct dig at Craig James, an indirect dig at Tommy Tubberville, and even opining on a college football playoff.

The Big Mac Blog: Did you follow Craig James' senate run here in Texas?
Mike Leach: Well, I think the results are what everybody expected. I think I share the same opinion as 97 percent of the others in this state. Correct me if I am wrong.

The Big Mac Blog: What are your thoughts on this potential four-team playoff?
Mike Leach: It's in flux and it's changing, so ...

The Big Mac Blog: But you are a playoff guy?
Mike Leach: 
Oh yeah. I want more than four; 16 is better. I'd like to have 64. I think it would be a lot of fun. ... I don't know the best way to do it. Call me day after tomorrow.

The Big Mac Blog: Surprised after multiple years of being away there are still so many people upset about the fact you left Texas Tech?
Mike Leach: We worked together with the fans. What we did it together (and) it was a great 10 years. Obviously there was a little corruption involved with my ouster there. I think there are certain people at Tech who lost a lot of credibility over that. ... Keep in mind they haven't even paid me for 2009. I worked all 2009. 

The Big Mac Blog: Are you mad about it or have you moved on?
Mike Leach: I am trying to collect my money. If you worked all this year and at the end of the year you don't get paid you'll probably try to get your money. It's like your word is your bond. You shake somebody's hand, that should be the case. I am certainly due for 2009, that hasn't happened.

The Big Mac Blog: Do your feelings about certain people at Tech prevent you from hoping that team does well?
Mike Leach:
Well, certainly I recruited a bunch of those players. I felt like 2010 was going to be our best team. That was our most talented team coming back. In 2009 we won nine games with three different quarterbacks. Now I am pretty occupied with my own team. I'm focused on that.

The Big Mac Blog: Miss anything about Lubbock?
Mike Leach: Great place. Great fans. Great people. Just the enthusiasm, especially the students at our games.

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Craig James

Great interview. Honest. Direct. Stupid. I'm an avid reader of the Big Mac Blog but I hate Mike Leach. I hope he gets fired before the end of the National Anthem at his first game.


Craig James said,

I hope he gets fired before the end of the National Anthem at his first game.

What a terrible attitude. No wonder no one likes you.


i never get tired of hearing about leach. i hope he has a ton of succsess in his new role. he is a fun and colorful guy


Craig James, are you popular?
By the way, welcome to the real world.

Karl from Arlington

I miss Coach. I wish him well but I wish he was back here in Texas.

Jake from MI

Losing Mike Leach was the worst thing that could have happened to Texas Tech. He is one of the top 5 coaches in the country.

On the upside, I'm glad I finally have a Pac 10 team to root for.


We miss you coach here at Tech. There are many many many Tech fans who are now Washington State Cougar fans. We wish you the best...and God save us if we have to play WSU in a bowl game!


Craig James is still a lying, self centered jerk.


Craig, your so unpopular, you never even made it to the National Anthem.

ranger 57

Craig is an insult to true sports fans.
Everyone should read Leach's book and pay close attention to the footnotes in the back of book. Leach put Tech
& Lubbock on the map. Wish him the best in Wash. He will do well because
he us still one of the best college coaches of all times.

ranger 57

Craig is an insult to true sports fans.
Everyone should read Leach's book and pay close attention to the footnotes in the back of book. Leach put Tech
& Lubbock on the map. Wish him the best in Wash. He will do well because
he us still one of the best college coaches of all times.

Paul Graham

Great, short interview. That is Mike Leach- we miss him because he always gave us a chance to win, and never, ever gave up. Good Luck to him @ WSU, and I hope the jerks that did this are soon gone.
Best Grad rate ever at Tech. No discipline problems. He did more than just coach.




Im sorry but Mike Leach dug his own grave! Should he have bene paid for 2009? YES. He did great for Texas Tech, but everyone who worked with or knew him said he was a classless drunk and no one liked him b/c of his arrogance and other non mentionables. ALL he had to do was apologize for what he did to Adam (whether what he did was right or wrong i dont know)for what he did and move on. I know its all about Ws and Ls, but he was a horrible person and a prick. I dont know about the whole James family involvement and the influence it may have had on his firing, but if you sue your boss, 100% of the time i would suspect a firing will be involved!!!


Craig James get real dude no one likes you because you are a crook and btw your son can come out of the closet now..


Hey John,

Before you libel someone by calling them a classless drunk, you better present some evidence to support it.

And, you have it backwards. Leach was fired before he sued the university. Tech officials conspired to fire him and not pay him on his contract. They got away with it only because of a state law that you can not sue a government entity in Texas. Yes, they fired him illegally and hid behind a law. And, Craig James was used to make it happen. A pox on all of them. And, Adam James was not worth it. He was given a scholarship, when no other college would, because he did not have the talent to play in the Big 12.

A university has the right to fire a coach at any time, but they do not have the right to dishonor the contract illegally. Mike Leach is a unique personality with all of his inner pirate stuff, but that is not cause for firing.

jared S

Leach, we miss you buddy up in LBK. Good luck with your new ventures!!


I have to agree with a few of the earlier comments and I want emphasize the good & the bad.
Leach was the biggest lus for Tech football in a long time. Every team we played was scared to death that we would put up 50 points on them & embarass the heck out of the other team. Leach did that many times.
His wins in bowls & his victories over Oklahoma, OK st , A & M, & a few over Texas but one real big one are some of the most memorable games in Tech football history.
I think Adams James was a crybaby who got daddy to embarass himself & his kid.
Good luck to Leach & watch for the high scoring Wash St to get there.

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