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Horse racing goes back obscurity: I'll Have Another is out of The Belmont

Belmont_ill_have_another_AP120605140520_620x350My Saturday afternoon just became wide open.

I'll Have Another, the horse going for sport's immortality to become horse racing's first Triple Crown winner since the Carter administration, is out of Saturday's running of The Belmont Stakes.

I can't print what I said when I read this.

According to Dan Wolken's (The Daily) Twitter feed, the "NYRA has called a 1 p.m. press conference with trainer Doug O'Neill. Rumors swirling I'll Have Another has been scratched from Belmont."

O'Neill is I'll Have Another's trainer.

According to NYT writer Pete Thamel's Twitter feed, "O'Neill said the horse has a 'little problem with his left front leg.' There's the 'start of some tendinitis.' Doesn't want to take a chance."

Here is the problem with The Triple Crown - no owner wants to possibly push a horse that is going to be worth buh-zillions in stud fees. So the tiniest problem is plenty of reason for the horse to sit.

Instead of having the chance to watch history we have another horse race stacked with a field the general public knows nothing of.

Oh well. Looks like I'm watching boxing.


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Doug O'neil was on the Dan Patrick shoe livrat 8;30am and told us his horse is out. Espn radio, in L.A. didnt. memtion it for 18.more.minutes. hard blow for racing


Sad - the horse was just featured on GMA this morning - such a huge big deal. They'll probably put him down next week. Sad life for a horse who instead of admired for strength and beauty, gets run into the ground so people can dress up and throw money around. So American. I will keep my fingers crossed he pulls through. So sorry, you didn't get your "win".

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