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Kevin Durant & Vince Young: A tale of two Longhorns

Kevin-durant071210Kevin Durant is 23, and on the verge of owning the NBA world. 
Vince Young is 29, and on the verge of being out of the NFL. 

The second overall pick out of Texas by the Seattle SuperSonics in the 2007 NBA draft, Durant is a physical freak of nature who was blessed with the dexterity of a guard and progressively improved his game to where he is one of the top three players in the world. He projects a calm, humble, nice guy image and is one of the rare athletes who is raising the image and profile of his entire community.

The third overall pick out of Texas by the Tennessee Titans in the 2006 NFL draft, Young is a physical freak of nature who was blessed with the frame of a linebacker, speed of a running back, yet never progressed after he left Austin. He tried to project a humble, nice guy image but it never seemed to work.

Tonight in OKC, Durant will try to become yet another player to stop LeBron James from winning the first of his "five, six, eight" NBA titles when Game 1 of the NBA Finals begins.

On the same day Durant plays in what should be many NBA Finals games in his career, the other former Longhorn doggedly tries to hang on to his time as a pro football player.

T1_young_gettyYoung, who is hanging on by an NFL thread with the Bills as a backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick, is suing his former agent, Major Adams.

VY claims that Adams took a lot of money from him, and now it can't be accounted for. 

Was VY a bit arrogant when he came out of UT, and surrounded by a cast of enablers? Yes. But that does not mean this is a fun story, nor is it time to gloat. This is just sad, and another painful example of what can happen when people who don't "make it" the way they envisioned don't keep a close on their bank account. 








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VY on the verge of being out of the league? You are quite wrong about that.


VY is toast. He blew. He had some talent. But in an ultra competitve league, everybody has 'some talent'. Had he not let his ego run wild in TN he would still be in business today. He butted heads with the head coach and he is gone. No way he starts regulary in The League any more. Done

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