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LaDainian Tomlinson, broadcaster

TomlinsonFORT WORTH - LaDainian Tomlinson has been retired for what is only a few days, and he is kicking around potential scenearios of what he will do in his post-football life, one of which includes broadcasting.

"Even though I'm not playing the game any more I still love the game," LT said Friday at TCU. "I want to be one of those games that watches the games and talks about the game. I'm sure I'm going to be here (at TCU) a lot watching the games."

Considering where LT began as a very quiet, very shy freshman to where he is today is a remarkable evolution. As a speaker, he is in a place not many people who knew him many years ago thought he would be.

He is a confident speaker, but he remains very much a work in progress in front of the camera. He speaks very slowly, deliberately and thoughtfully. Is his English perfect? No. Does he try? Yes.

He is not a natural the way Keyshawn Johnson, Tom Jackson or a Steve Young all are in front of a camera. To be a decent broadcaster LT would have to work at it, to eliminate what feels like a rigidness in his speaking. 

He obviously knows the game, but his greatest asset may be his lack of poltical awareness. LT can be brutally honest, and as long as he was OK with hurting a few feelings with candid analysis he would make a solid broadcaster in an NFL booth.

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