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NEW! Pictures from the Twilight movie indicates a giant casting error

1212EWCOVER-BD2_300On November 16th legions of middle-age moms will line up a baby sitter to ensure they can attend the first screeners of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Down Part 2 opens.

Here is the new cover of Entertainment Weekly. The movie promises to suck just as bad as the other ones.

It is universally agreed by haters and lovers of this franchise that the strength of brooding "teen" leads - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner - is that they are hot. Really hot. 

Good for them. They inherited the "hot" gene. They did not, however, inherit or acquire the "acting" gene. 

The producers anchored the franchise a trio of pretty people. Obviously not a bad business decision.

But if the producers are going with the "hot" priority, they dropped the ball.

Stewart's Twilight co-star Ashley Greene should have been Bella Cullen.

This isn't even a game. 


You do the math -  Ashley Greene 6






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I can't believe they are still making these

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