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On Pacquiao/Bradley decision, Fort Worth's own Paulie Ayala says, "Bad judges."

Pacquiao-Bradley2DISCLOSURE - For years during his lucrative professional career, retired former IBO champion Paulie Ayala of Fort Worth was under the direction of boxing promoter Bob Arum's leadership. Arum has both Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley in his camp.

It's been almost two days since boxing assumed we are all collectively stupid to give us the Timothy Bradley "decision" over Manny Pacquiao.

In an effort to determine if anyone on this planet actually thought Bradley won this fight, I called Paulie Ayala today to see what he thought. He is a boxer, and knows the fight game as well as anyone in Fort Worth.

His reaction was that there was no way he could see how Bradley won that fight.

"I couldn't, no," he said. "I would give him the last couple of rounds, give or take. Maybe. If anything, I didn't really see him winning any rounds. He wasn't fighting to win he was fighting not to lose. Look at his other fights and he's always moving forwards. He wasn't doing that against Manny. He had hurt his foot or his ankle in the second round and when you get like that, my thought is, why not try to win? B

"But I think Manny's power just neutralizes everything. (Bradley) was fighthing conservative. He was fighting not to lose."

Ayala said he didn't believe this was a fix, but the result of incompetent judges. 

He also said we're more apt to see a Pacquiao/Bradley re-match before Floyd Mayweather potentially fights either of these two guys.

Either way, "This is bad for boxing," Paulie said. "I mean, I even feel the repercussions of it. When people see decisions like that, they don't want to attend my club fights. It hurts in the media's eyes. It's just bad."

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Boxing is Dirty!!! Give me wresting instead!!


haha nice paulie! i love you for that!


Rig by the Mafia, Las vegas version. A Big Conspiracy!
The proof.

Replay the ppv and see n hear the commentators.

Bradley was being pummeled by the Pac in the center, n 4corners of the ring , Yet....

Ppv Commentators continue comments as if its the Pac being hit.
The PPV commentators are in into it ! Investigate now ,
. Atty General

Mafia sure i back! No ifs lol.


Its better to watch cockfighting in the philippines The refferi in cockfighting in the philippines can not do what the judges did in the paquiao vs bradley fights . I will tell you men if judges did that in the phillines peoPle gonna kill them. The organization running the cockfighting in the philippines is more respecftable than than the nevada athletic
Statemcommision which is very
Corrupt. You know why because bad judges, bad refferies and wbo bad officials are not prosecuted they were not penalised. Look you take PED and you wer caught what
Is the penalty nothing. Look at the case of amir khan peterson was caught with ped and yet they award the victory to him. What they have to do is if the boxer were caught with ped authomatically lose the fight
And ban
Him from boxing because taking the drug is intensional and not accident. Ang bobo naman . So manny lets
Go back to cockfighting mas maganda
Pa. You think mr. Arum if manny
Retire you still get the same number of pilipino fan?'only fools will continue to watch boxing.


Stupid judges!!!


It has happened already, the right thing to do is "Damage Control".

Review the video tape, and correct the decision... either declare it a "No Contest" or give Pacquiao the win.

For the sake of the sport of Boxing, the right thing to do now is "Damage Control"


kill the judges!!!

Beltway Greg

Having one promoter represent both fighters is a clear conflict of interest. Isn't there enough money in boxing to support a number of promoters or is it really such a closed arena? Either way, in the end, Pacquiao and Bradley will probably both die penniless robbed by the system that made them wealthy and famous. Instead of using humans, boxing, like so many other sports, should go to electronic sensors in the gloves.


Hey you JUDGES of PAC-BRAD you are so BLIND. You dont deserve to be a judges for any fights. You STINKSSSSS

will i am


will i am

the world didnt understand how bradly won that fight, even a kid can tell who really won! bradly didnt even hit pacquiao in any rounds!!!!! how does it feel bradly, that you won that match? and u know that you didnt deserved it coz the truth is, anywhere in this world and even in this universe know that you lost this fight!!!!!even u! u know to urself that u didnt made it!!!!!


The fight was obviously fixed:


The fight was fixed. Somebody made some money and the public got abused. Total and complete scam.

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