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Percy Harvin of the Vikings wants a trade, & he plays a position the Cowboys need help

Percy-HarvinJerry Jones may be older and wiser, but the man loves him some names and wide receiver Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings is a name.

According to, well, everyone, Harvin has asked the Vikings to trade him.

This sounds a little like Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins asking for a trade. The Cowboys want Jenkins, and say they aren't trading him.
The Vikings, who finished 3-13 last season, like Harvin and aren't apt to deal him.

(I am quite certain both situations could be rectified if each team just gave their respective disgruntled player a boatload of cash.)

The Vikings would be wise to keep Harvin, but for the sake of discussion the Cowboys would be wise to kick the tires on this one. Harvin is a serious talent.

He is only 24, and in his first three NFL seasons has proven to be a durable, versatile threat. He has 17 TDs receiving, and three rushing. He also has four touchdowns as a kick returner. Last season playing for a God awful Vikings team, he caught 87 passes for 967 yards.

Right now your Dallas Cowboys have no real third receiver. 

What they do have is an enormous talent in Dez Bryant, who is only 23 and should be at a point where he either gets it, or will simply remain a frustrating player.

The other receiver is Miles Austin, who is 27 and coming off an injury season where he was limited to 10 games. But in 2009 and 2010, he did have more than 1,000 yards receiving in each of those seasons and was one of the better receivers in the league.

With Laurent Robinson in Jacksonville, there is no remotely proven third receiver on the Cowboys' roster.

We won't know how serious Harvin is about this trade request until the start of training camp; if he reports, he is not serious and this is dead. If he stays home, the prudent thing to do is for Jerry to at least make the phone call.

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I think your article brings up a great point....How about trading even?
Jenkins for Harvin?? If the Vikes go for this then both sides win!!

Jonathan Graf

Jenkins for Harvin straight-up, no way Vikings would go for that even if they feel they have to deal him. Cowboys would have to throw in a 2nd rounder or something at least...


How about Jenkins and Miles for Harvin? Miles only had one great year then Jaharry gave him a huge contract, since then he's been injured and Jenkins has never been a good plyer.


Jenkins & Felix for Harvin! Do it!

Bob In Arlington

The Vikings will pony up the money he's crying for and he'll stay a Viking.

You say "the cowboys need a 3rd receiver." Mac, I doubt Harvin wants to go anywhere to be a 3rd wheel.

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