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TCU's Gary Patterson is OK with the new playoff format because it keeps the bowls

Gary-patterson-tcuFORT WORTH - Like so many college coaches, Gary Patterson is not about to dump on a bowl system that may be in the very, very beginning stages of its of existence.

Gary likes the bowls, and the "bowl experience" because it gives so many kids the chance to experience a post season game, etc. Bowls feel like an event. It's the chance to travel, perhaps to the coast. There is swag. And - cough-cough - those "bowl appearance" and "bowl wins" bonuses in his contract, and very like the athletic directors, are kinda nice, too.

At a press conference for former TCU running back LaDainian Tomlinson this afternoon, Gary was asked about his feelings of the new college football playoff format, which will act as a Final Four that includes the traditional bowl sites plus a national title game.

Gary is a fan primarily because it keeps the bowl games in play.

"It sounds like 1 will play 4 and 2 will play 3 within the bowl group," GP said. "If they keep that, I am in favor of them having a one-plus. I believe if they take it outside the bowl series then I believe the bowls will go away because I believe we've made them not important."

I like GP, a lot, but we will agree to disagree on this. The bowls aren't important because they are an exhibitions. If they were really important the BCS powers would not have yielded with this four-team playoff model. Declining ratings and attendance are driving this bus. Sports champions in this country are decided through tournament-style brackets, yet college football held on to the financially exclusive practice-game model.

"I think everybody wins - we keep the bowl system, we get what we want and we get to find a true champion," Gary said. "There will be something. I promise you there will be a reason you won't like this one, either. That's just part of it. It will be, 'Why can't we have eight?' I truly believe this - there are about eight to 10 teams that if they get hot that can win a national championship. The key will be coming down to picking those four teams and we'll see how they do it.

"I am excited because I think this gives an answer that everybody can win. Everybody should be happy that you're going to get a form of the playoff that ... is just like a Super Bowl."


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College football fans are about as dumb as any group in the country. All we gotta do is boycott ONE week of a college football season and the public could DEMAND how they want this done.

Unfortunately, the general population seldom has the organization or resources to pull such things off. And if you can imagine how "some" ridiculed the Occupy movement...the "money" would scoff at this idea for college football fans - UNTIL THEY MADE IT HAPPEN!

This is a band-aid and an inferior product. No organized team sport in the ENTIRE WORLD above the level of JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL would have accepted crowning a winner in such a manner and it's still the biggest joke in organized team sports. College Football will ALWAYS be an inferior product without a true playoff tournament reflective of the scope of the game.

I mean, 100+ "D1" teams that don't play each other and don't play common opponents? In no other walk of life and sports would we deem this reasonable.

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