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The last person you'd think would attend a Nickelback concert


Dear concert promoters - Who told you having Bush open for Nickelback was a good idea? Who thinks Chad Kroeger is better than Gavin Rossdale? Yet it was Gavin Rossdale's band that opened for Chad Kroeger's bunch on Friday, Jan. 1 at the American Airlines Center. As my good friend, Chris, noted in a text, "This is like Frank Sinatra opening for Justin Bieber".

Bush killed it on Friday night, playing their notables such as Glycerine, Comedown, the Chemicals Between Us, and a spirited cover of the Beatles' "Come Down" in which Rossdale ran throughout the crowd singing. 

I digress. Regardless of what you think of Nickelback's music, of which I will have more on later, attending one of their shows does provide some of the best people watching this side of a NASCAR infield. As you can see from the first two photos, Nickelback does not exactly draw the country club crowd.

IMG_0865That said, I met a handful of very nice, polite and hard core rock and roll/Nickelback fans. Yes, they do exist.

Of all the fans I came across, my favorite was the final shot of this set of three: Ms. Corene Pack of Waco made the trip with a friend to watch Nickelback.

She was nicknamed, "Rockin' Granny" for her time here.

She has two grandchildren, ages 5 and 8. 

Now, does she know any Nickelback tunes? No. She's just a big time rock and roll fan, but grew up more with the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, CCR and Lyndard Skynard.

IMG_0860As to her age? She said go with early 60s.









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Pillow Fight

Me and all my buddies went to see Nickelback. It was amazing. We totally rocked it.


LOVED Nickelback!!!!!!!!




The lines to the Men's bathrooms were unusally long, but other than the concert ROCKED!!!!!!!

Kristina Ladd

Have you been living under a rock for the last 10 years because you must have been there with the guys from Bush. The best selling band in music not to mention ticket sales is Nickelback and Bush should be thankful that they are included in the line up and are getting exposure. Where have they been and what have they done lately? Other than marrying Gwen Stefani and fathering two children Gavin has not been that successful on the music scene. I have heard from numerous people who may not have been fans of Bush that they are giving great performances and are being well received which is great for them however you should remember it was a Nickelback tour not a Bush tour. When Bush sells 50 million cds and is the number 1 touring act I am certain Nickelback would be happy to open for them but until then, shut up and remember who the headliner is on this tour dumba*s!

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