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The Mavericks interest in this player sniffs of desperation

B-royThe July 1, 12:01 a.m. pursuit of Deron Williams remains Priority No. 1 for the Dallas Mavericks, but there are so many other holes on this roster that other players remain high on the offseason to-do list.

The fact that this list could include former Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy is yet another piece of evidence the Mavs are willing to look under every rock and kick every single tire. That's not always a bad thing. It led them to Tyson Chandler, who at the time of his acquisition was an injury-plagued center with a high ceiling. That kinda worked out.

But Brandon Roy's body is a hell of a lot more beat up than Chandler. 

According to this report on Yahoo Sports, the Mavs and a small number of other teams are pursuing Roy, who wants to make a comeback to the NBA after a year long retirement.

If we were talking about the Brandon Roy who began his career with the Blazers with two good knees and was a version of Chris Paul, sign me up. But we are talking about a Brandon Roy with shredded knees, who had become a decent jump shooter and little else. The explosive first step and quickness that made him such a difficult cover were gone. 

The last time the Mavs, or anyone else, saw Roy was the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs. In Game 4, Roy scored 18 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Blazers to an 84-82 win against the Mavs. It was a nice story for Roy, but the Mavs won the next two games of the series.

Because of chronic knee problems, Roy retired in the offseason. The Blazers used their amnesty clause to buyout the remainder of his contract.

According to the above report, Roy has been undergoing a relatively new knee treatment therapy that gives him hope he can play again.

He may be able to play, but how well and for how long? How long can these knees hold up?

By all accounts Roy, 27, is a wonderful guy and a total pro. A good guy in the locker room and a coachable player. For his sake, you hope he can pull this off.

Even the possibility of Roy coming to the Mavs doesn't change a thing for this team this offseason: If they don't sign Deron Williams they're screwed.

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Cory Jones

Even at 80% or 75% Brandon Roy is still a good player. He could give you 20 or 25 minutes a game and more importantly HE IS ONLY 26 YEARS OLD! You are not going to pay him huge dollars (in NBA standards). There is nothing about the Mavs being interested in him that smells of desperation. If they could sign him, it would be a good move.

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