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The numbers say this is who Texas Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman is

Texas+Rangers+v+New+York+Yankees+QGDhy5YFEv7lIf you were to come across Texas Rangers right handed pitcher Scott Feldman on the street your impression would be this is a nice man, and a very tall man. Nothing about this guy says, "Big time Major League starting pitcher."

Other than the 2009 blip on his eight major league seasons, Feldman has pretty much always been a very ish big league pitcher. He is a pro. He is a good guy. He is pretty reliable. He can eat some innings. He has simple mechanics. 

Barring injury, he could probably pitch until he is 40.

He is not, however, dominant in any sense.

He gets hit. A lot. 

On Thursday night against the Diamondbacks, Feldman threw five innings, allowed eight hits and six runs, four of which were earned.

So how anyone is surprised that he is 0-6 with a 6.50 earned run average in 12 games this season, seven of which are starts, is the real surprise. 

Look at his career statistics:

2005: 0-1, 0.96 ERA, 8 games, 9.1 ip
2006: 0-2, 3.92 ERA, 36 games, 41.1 ip
2007: 1-2, 5.77 ERA, 29 games, 39 ip
2008: 6-8, 5.39 ERA, 28 games, 25 starts, 151.1 ip
2009: 17-8, 4.08 ERA, 34 games, 31 starts, 189.2 ip
2010: 7-11, 5.48 ERA, 29 games, 22 starts, 141.1 ip
2011: 2-1, 3.94 ERA, 11 games, 2 starts, 32 ip
2012: 0-6, 6.50 ERA, 12 games, 7 starts, 36 ip 

We are looking at a career worst year for Feldman, but based on his prior history he is due a decent stretch that may even out some of these statistics.

The question is whether the Rangers can risk running him out there every fifth day to see if those numbers can start to drop.

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