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The Texas Rangers to interleague play returns; does it do it for you any more?

CEM120518039_Rangers_v_AstrosThe lead for the Texas Rangers in the AL West is down to four games. They now begin a series in San Francisco against the Giants in a "re-match" of the World Series from two years ago.

This is the first of five consecutive inter-league series for your Rangers.

June 8 - 10: at SF
June 12 - 14: v. Arizona
June 15 - 17: v. Houston
June 18 - 20: at SD
June 22 - 24: Colorado

Do any of these series do anything for you?

Inter-league play was created to inject some interest into the game, and put some extra butts in seats in the hot months. What was first a cute novelty has now become an accepted portion of the schedule. The novelty is gone, and the purists who once complained about this break from tradition are no more.

Your interest level goes up based on the proximity of the opponent - LA v. Ana; SF vs. Oak.; Balt vs. Wash; Chi v. Chi; NY vs. NY; Houston v. Texas; Stl. vs. KC - or if the team has a bonafide star that never visits your town.

The interest level is a series by series, and team by team. 

It's no longer a question of whether it works because it's not going away. 


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Inter-league games should be nothing more than exhibition games. They should not count in the standings. Teams are not competing with each other for positions in the standings in their respective leagues. The idea of inter-league play was a nice novelty but its time has passed.

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The idea of inter-league game is not more entertain mental game .It is a little bit old idea.But the post is very well and like appreciation.All my good wishes are with you.


I believe this is the second time you've written about this, and while I agree, it's occurred to me in the interim that if nothing else it provides a chance for the Rangers pitchers to hit, batters to get some pinch hit opportunities late in the game, and Wash to make some managerial decisions that he normally doesn't make. I believe it was you or Galloway who said last October that the Rangers need to take some opportunities in the regular season to groom the team for the 3 or 4 post season games under National League rules that they will need to play to win the WS. For that reason alone, I think it is good for this team. Plus Houston stinks.


I enjoy the Interleague games and seeing different teams.

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