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The WBO does what 3 judges couldn't & gives Pacquiao the fight against Bradley

WBO-to-Review-Pacquiao-Bradley-DecisionNot that this is going to make things all better, but the WBO reviewed the Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley fight and said what everyone in the world who watched the fight saw: The Pacman won. By a lot.

Of course, this organization has no power to reverse the intial ruling that had Bradley winning the fight. But the panel of five judges said Pacman was the winner.

Here is my favorite part - the organization is suggesting a rematch. Good thing there is no conflict of interest here.

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Three Blind Mice

What a total joke. The whole thing stinks. I like the rematch idea about as much as I like the chances of the Cowboys having a winning season next year. .....not!

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