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UPDATE (Again) Texas Rangers TV play by play man Dave Barnett out for the rest of this series

6a00e54f7fc4c58833017615a31ca2970c-250wiUPDATE: The Texas Rangers sent out a statement that says TV play-by-play man Dave Barnett will miss the remainder of this series against the Padres in San Diego. A sincere hope he is OK.

The press release from the Rangers states: "He will undergo an evaluation over the next few days after experiencing on-air issues in the eighth inning of Monday’s game with what Barnett believes to be the recurrence of migraine headaches. 

"Rangers radio announcer Steve Busby will handle the television play-by-play duties on Tuesday and Wednesday, working with Tom Grieve. Rangers pre and post-game radio host Bryan Dolgin will join Eric Nadel on the radio broadcasts for the rest of the series.

"The Rangers will have no further comment and appreciate everyone respecting Dave Barnett’s privacy at this time."

In the bottom of the eighth inning of the Rangers' 2-1 win on Monday night, Barnett's wording turned very strange.

It was:

a.) Just one of those things, and word slippage. A guy calls that many games, they can happen. But people on the production team have noticed he has had more than a few occassions where he has said something that wasn't necessarily wrong, but not right. Just a bit off.

b.) Something medically happened to Barnett.

He said, "The go ahead run is at fifth on what Adams is insisting on calling a botched robbery."

Then he said a few words that didn't make much sense, followed by a lot of silence. But he returned for the ninth, and the post game.  

Click here to watch for yourself.

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hope he's checked for brain aneurysm


Get well. Praying for you.


I heard that, and went back about 5 times to try and understand it....
and never did....hope he's OK


ps Busby is hard to listen too....
and why you would put anybody with the great Eric - I will never understand
Rangers MGT......


Dave, my coworkers and I are pulling for you, and jeez, we thought that this only happened to us (we call it a "Dark Munich Moment" at work). Amazing what the brain spits out when it's under stress. We say and do funny things for unfunny reasons, unfortunately.



Hope you're ok. You are a great announcer. Please make sure you
get yourself thoroughly checked out.



I listen to you and Tom at every game. My prayers are with you.

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