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U.S. govt. drops record to 0-343,524,023 in cases against pro jocks after Clemens is acquitted

Debbie-and-roger-clemens-pictureIn an effort to emulate the French Army's modern era record, the U.S. government dropped yet another decision in cases against high profile athletes for cheating.

Barry Bonds. Lance Armstrong. And now Roger Clemens.

In a decision that surprised approximately no one, today in Washington D.C. Mr. Clemens, now 49, was acquitted of perjury charges. Congress felt he lied about using 'roids. He said he didn't.

Now a jury of his sleepy, bored and disinterested peers decided that he either didn't use, or that the case against him was so flimsy they couldn't possibly say he did. Or they didn't care. I'm thinking the latter is a very good possibility.

Because most pitchers when they turn 41 go 18-4, and then when they are 42 post a 1.87 ERA. I buy that. Noooooo problem.

Now, will he be voted into Baseball's Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible next year? 

Back in January of this year I posed this question to Susan Slusser, who covers baseball for the San Francisco Chronicle and now is the president of the Baseball Writers Association of America, and has been voting on the HOF for five years.

Her response was a no on anyone she felt she had good knowledge used PEDs.

She also said this was a fluid situation.

Me? Vote him in, eventually. Make him wait for a few years just to sweat it out.

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Barry Bonds

What a joke. I can't believe this guy didn't get busted. He TOTALLY used 'the juice'


It's entertainment, Mac, sports entertainment, for cryin' outloud. Who cares? Other entertainers can shoot, swallow or snort any substance they want and nobody cares...they just make bigger and more frequent headlines that drive readers to otherwise meaningless media sites and sell tickets.

It's a game, it's entertainment, not something that has real life importance.

Let 'em all juice. Who cares?


The Rocket is a pig. He should have done cocaine and steroids while on the mound. The guy belongs in jail.

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