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What is it with the Baylor basketball program? A Bear tried to extort RGIII

Rgiii-subway-statue-629x460Baylor is a few days away from having two of its men's basketball players selected in the first round of the NBA draft, but it would not be a week without a negative headline or two for Baylor men's basketball.

The FBI busted former Baylor Bear men's basketball player Richard Khamir Hurd on charges of extortion. Turns out he was trying to extort Robert Griffin III.

You imagine what Baylor president Ken Starr will do to this guy?

RGIII may be a good target because he has what we call "resources", but what self-respecting Baylor Bear extorts RGIII? I would understand if Hurd was a Tech guy, or an Aggie or a Horn, but a Bear? 

Hurd began at Baylor as a walk-on in 2004-'05 and played for four years in Waco. He earned letters in 2005, '06, '07 and '08. He was a stater as a freshman and averaged 4 points per game.

Hurd was a part of coach Scott Drew's second season.

My gut tells me these charges are not going to be good for Hurd's chances to be invited to any team reunions, but certainly won't prevent Baylor from calling him in the future for potential donations.

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Back to that Baylor hate are we? Your headline doesn't match the content which i guess shouldn't be surprising coming from Mac. I suppose if Mr. Hurd went to TCU he would have been an all-star on the dope team instead of a would-be extortionist. Bad actors are bad actors - no where they went to school.

bad news bears

Nobody hates bu, hate usually comes after a school has had more than 1-2 yrs of continued success...bailure (yes, drop the f and add the b) will remain in the cellar of the stellar b12-2-1+1-1+2...nobody cares, care-bear...

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