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Who plays Josh Hamilton in the movie about his life?

JoshhamiltonExactly who Ben Affleck's little brother casts to play the part of Josh Hamilton is a mystery, but Casey Affleck is reportedly going to make a movie about the life of the Texas Rangers outfielder.

According to this report on, this is happening.

Hamilton signed off and entrusted his "screen" rights to producer Basil Iwanyk and Thunder Road Pictures. Both he and his wife Katie will serve as co-producers.

The movie is slated to be written by Casey Affleck, who was in the movie "Gone Baby Gone", "American Pie 2", and directed the wretched documentary "I'm Still Here" about Joaquin Phoenix's deliberate freak out.

The question is not whether Hamilton's life story is worthy of a movie but whether it can be executed as solid, feature-length film. Sports movies are notoriously difficult to make well, one of the primary reasons being because the actors themselves aren't athletic enough to pull off the "action" scenes.

Finding the right actor to play Hamilton may be the hardest part. Not many men on this earth are put together like Josh Hamilton.

* Adam Sandler would be funny, primarily because this would mean the movie is going to be a spoof of Josh's life. That would make for better theater.
* Someone suggested Mark Wahlberg, but he stands, like, 5-6.
* Channing Tatum. Dude is in seriously good shape.
* Mac Engel. Physically, the similarities are many. The problem is going to be the hair; I have a better 'do.
* Matt Damon. Again with the height thing.

Then there will be the matter of the Hollywood happy ending; the way things are going these days that will be Hamilton at a press conference with his agent and a player union rep as he signs to a 10-year, $300 million contract with Magic Johnson's L.A. Dodgers.


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Jai Courtney who played Varro in Spartacus would be perfect

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