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Yet another award for The Big Mac Blog

The-Apple-Tree-Promo-kristin-chenoweth-1379978-1920-2560So many awards - time to add another wing to the estate, just in front of the lion-filled moat (they keep drowning).

Earlier this year The Big Mac Blog was named the Best Blog in Texas.

Now, The Big Mac Blog has been awarded a highly coveted "Netbadge". Don't know what this is? That makes two of us, but if it's on The Internet it must be big. cited my critically acclaimed recent blog about The Bourne Legacy. 

Click here for that award-winning post.

This post was mentioned by right next to Kristin Chenoweth's post about the same subject; I am absolutely sick of that girl crowding my air space and taking credit for my highly original content. BTW, Kristin, I also can perform songs from the hit Broadway show Wicked.

According to their site, Netbadges, "awards badges to influential people and web sites on the Internet. We analyze the social network of connections among all the people or web sites that gather around a topic, issue, or interest and award badges to key people and sites, highlighting their recent content."

Done and d-o-n-e.

How do you know this thing is big time? Because it has 238 followers on its Twitter account, @NetBadges.

Mas, mas grande.


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