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A former TCU WR narrowly avoids humiliation in basketball, has his own football camp & pops the question

Tostitos+Fiesta+Bowl+TCU+v+Boise+State+0XYD0G8L0GklReaders of The Big Mac Blog (I'm lookin' at you, mom) know that I am in the bag for former TCU wide receiver Curtis Clay. Click here for a link to a column I wrote about him last year.

Mr. Clay recently earned his Master's Degree from TCU in education.

Even more recently, Mr. Clay nearly avoided utter humiliation in a game of 1-on-1 basketball against me.

Playing to 15, the score was 6-5 when I asked him, "Are you trying?" He said he was. At this point, Clay then promptly kicked my very fine 38-year-old a$$ to take a commanding 12-5 lead.

That's when Big Mac took over. It was very much like David Banner telling Jack McGee, "Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

In a blur of athleticism the scouts called, "Gravity defying", I ripped off eight straight points to take a 13-12 lead. I just needed a 3-pointer to pull off the upset of the century. Alas, I pulled a Big Mac Gag to lose 15-13. This was like the 1 seed barely beating 16th-seeded Harvard (I turned down their offer) in the first round. It's a win, but ... is it?

Moving on to better and far more important things, Clay is starting his own one-day football school; click here for the link. Given his background in teaching and in football, I can't see there being many better football camps for a kid.  The camp is on July 21 in Lockhart, Texas ... just south of Austin, not too far from where Clay grew up.

And to continue what has been a very busy summer, over the weekend Clay popped the question to fellow TCU grad, Ms. Brittany Richards of Arlington during a trip in Southern California. She said yes.

I had the pleasure of teaching them both while they were undergrad students in the school of journalism at TCU. Great people.

Congratulations to both.

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