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Dallas Mavericks' 2012-13 theme: "Rage, rage against the dying of the light"

Dylan_Thomas_photoIn the last 72 hours the Dallas Mavericks have answered the question of whether they would blow up their roster, white flag the season, and contemplate trading Dirk Nowitzki.

The answer is a resounding "Hell no". You tell them Dylan Thomas! 

Not sure it is the wisest course of action long term, but the moves to add Darren Collison, Dahntay Jones and Chris Kaman ensure there will be no 13th place finish in the West for the Mavs.

Now the Mavs are more committed to going for the five seed as the reports continue to come they are going to pursue 76ers forward Elton Brand, and Houston rockets forward Luis Scola.

Scola looks as if he will be like Brand and "amnestied"; the Rockets are trying to clear out every available dollar to pursue Magic center Dwight Howard.

A front line of Scola, Brand and Dirk may not be the most dominant defensive trio underneath, but they could score.

Scola is 32, and averaged 15.5 points and 6.5 rebounds last season for the Rockets.
Brand is 33, and averaged 11.0 points and 7.2 rebounds last season for the 76ers.

The little problem in adding either is that both of their previous franchises thought so highly of them they will pay them millions just to go away. 

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