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Dallas Mavericks opting for the middle

Darren-collisonThe Dallas Mavericks have decided it is better to be pretty good than the alternative.

They aren't that much closer to contending for an NBA title than they were 48 hours ago, but the moves to sign Chris Kaman and deal Ian Mahinmi to the Indiana Pacers for Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones should make the team more competitive and interesting.

The Mavs still may make a run at 76ers forward Elton Brand. 

Collison has some uspide, is a solid defender, but he can be very inconsistent. Jones is a bench guy, and a decent defender.

Both Collison and Kaman immediately become starters; offensively, Kaman is better than the combination of Brendan Haywood and Mahinmi. Collison is not necessarily an upgrade over Jason Kidd or Jason Terry.

The Mavs aren't done making moves to complete their roster, but at the very least they have decided they won't be selling out for the lottery.

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