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Dallas Stars moves address scoring, & suggest the owner isn't calling the shots

Steve_ottHe was known more for his mouth than his play, but the Dallas Stars have finally let go of an "untouchable" when they dealt forward Steve Ott and d-man Adam Pardy to the Buffalo Sabres for center Derek Roy.

Steve Ott will be missed. He was colorful, funny, giving of his time and few players irritated opponents better than he can.

This continues the bizarre offseason of the Dallas Stars. They are getting rid of several of their better key parts that led to four consecutive playoff-less seasons in exchange for ... guys. The hope is a better power play (it can't be much worse), and increased 5-on-5 scoring. But this could be nothing more than an exchange of one set of problems for another set that sees very little impact in the standings.

Dumping Mike Ribeiro was addition by subtraction.
Adding Ray Whitney is a fingers-crossed move that maybe at 40 he can be a 70-point player.
Defenseman Aaron Rome should be OK.
Derek Roy is a hope.

250px-Derek_Roy_Sabres_2012-02-19From 2005 to 2010, Roy could play and score. Several years of more than 20 goals, including an 81-point year in 2007-'08. But in each of the past two years Roy has been limited because of injury, and when he has played he has not been the same scorer.

Perhaps a change of scenery and the end of a contract will be the proper motivation to find that scoring touch again. 

This is not the type of offseason impact Stars' fans were hoping for when Tom Gaglardi bought the team. These moves suggest the new owner is listening to his GM and not insisting he spend money he doesn't want to to make a splash.

The Stars should look vastly different than the previous seasons. Who knows? Maybe Jamie Benn will actually be on the power play.


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I agree 100% with this post and think some of these moves could be a step in the wrong direction. I would think that Tom would want to put fans in the seats and nothing I have seen so far looks like his new business venture is going to make money. Adding older skill players for a year or two to a team that has not even made it to the first round of the playoffs is not right either. I guess were just a bunch of dumb hicks who don't do hockey so were just supposed to buy tickets to watch a team with no depth, questionable coaching, and prey that goal tending can stay healthy and get better in games that mean playoffs or no playoffs! I sure hope we can pick up another good player or two who are not in the last games of their career! It just seems like we are throwing in the towel for this coming season! Will any free agent in the upcoming offseasons even look at us as a team that has a chance at Stanley Cup?

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