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Former Texas Rangers pitcher says former teammate should play a "women's sport"

Padilla060309Professional athletes are accustomed to being called any number of unflattering names, but the one they loathe the most is "quitter."

More than one Texas Rangers player who played behind Vicente Padilla when he pitched for the team from 2006 to 2008 described him as a quitter. That he would literally quit during a game by throwing at a guy's head, or just grooving pitches to get knocked around so hard the manager would be forced to take him out.

The sad part is that Padilla is a tremendously talented pitcher who when properly engaged can get people out. But there is a reason he continues to bounce around the majors - he is a bit of nut job.

Padilla is at the center of a "he said, she said" with former Texas Rangers teammate and current New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeria. The two played together for the Rangers in '06 and '07.

Padilla is with the Red Sox now, and after the NYY/Bos series completed on Sunday Mr. Teixeira called out Padilla after Friday's game saying that Padilla is a head hunter who doesn't have a lot of friends in baseball.

250px-Mark_Teixeira_basepaths_2011When Padilla was told of Teixeira's comments, he inferred that Teixeira is a racist and shrouded the comments with a sexist shot.

Padilla told the Spanish-language NESN that, "The problem is he talks about all the wrong things that others have done, but the things he's done -- against the Latinos [on the Rangers] -- he doesn't open his mouth about. He once threatened me and said he was going to hit me with a bat, and that's when we were playing on the same team. And then, he also had problems with Frank Francisco, our closer back then. But he doesn't talk about that, does he? Then, of course, he goes on and makes those comments about me."

Then he added this winner, "In this sport, as competitive ballplayers, we get pretty fired up. So I think, maybe, [Teixeira] picked the wrong profession. I think he'd be better off playing a women's sport."

Yeah! Take that, Mark! You're a girl!

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