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Funny video: TCU grad turned big-time NYC TV reporter is accosted during a live shot

179985_10151024775147042_745860126_nLocal TV news bloopers are seldom can't miss material, but they are even more fun when you know the person involved. Take for instance this morning.

Ms. Hillary Whittier is a 2009 graduate of TCU, and a former high school and college basketball player at Howard Payne University (there is the necessary sports hook).

She is now a reporter for WPIX in New York City. Remember her name - she is going to be big time. I know this because she was a student of mine at TCU; she often says she may be living in a ditch, or working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico if it had not been for my expert guidance*.

This morning she was doing a live shot for WPIX on the new NYC taxi fare hike when this happened:


Give Hillary credit. She handled this about as well as a person could.
Her only mistake was not to ask this woman what she thought of the fare increase. Now that would have been TV gold.

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(* Hillary may not have actually said that)



Can't stand you

Did you really teach at TCU?

I am really embarrassed for my school if that is true.

You are terrible and based on how much disdain you have for the frogs, my assumption is you were fired for incompetence - which would be appropriate.

I know 15 yr olds that have better blog content and delivery.

The Big Mac Blog

Dear Can't Stand You -

I agree with everything you said. FYI - People outside of TCU call me a TCU homer.


Can't Stand You = Idiot.

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

Mac, excellent job defusing those comments! Also, everyone should know you are a proud KU homer!(at least during basketball season) Where do your loyalties lie September 15th! I'll be coloring Memorial Stadium purple.


I will also be helping with the Memorial Stadium repainting in anticipation of the Frogs owning it on Thanksgiving.

To Can't Stand You all I can really say is that I can't stand you.

Miss Ellie

I think you are a great writer. I just wish you would pay more attention to me.

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