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Higher Texas A&M Aggie upside: Ryan Tannehill or Lauren Tannehill

Lauren-tannehill-maximThe Texas A&M Aggies may have lost their 2011 regular season finale - and the last game in the history of ever - against the Texas Longhorns last year, but at least one Aggie came away with the W.

When the ESPN cameras found Lauren Tannehill, the wife of the Aggies QB Ryan Tannehill, she immediately became a Google machine hit. Wonder why?

Lauren has been a model, and reportedly wants to do the Hollywood thing.

Now that her boyfriend is the first round pick of the Miami Dolphins, and figures to be the leading contender for the starting QB position in South Beach, even more camaras should find their way to Lauren's mug.

This picture is silly; she can't play football in heels. Duh?

Her cause may also be aided HBO landing the Dolphins for their Hard Knocks series; she figures to get ample air time.

The question is - who has the better chance of "making it" in their respective cut throat industries? Hollywood is loaded with good looking blonde women who look like they can play the part.
The NFL is loaded with big, athletic looking guys who look like they can play the part.

The odds for either aren't necessarily high, but my money would be on the quarterback.


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