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If no D-Will, the Rockets have something the Mavs could land

Goran+Dragic+Houston+Rockets+v+Phoenix+Suns+50mgas8ey-4lThe Deron Williams Charade continues, but it does appear that an end will come no later than July 4.

Who knows? Maybe D-Will will surprise us all and accept a four-year, $75 million deal from the Dallas Cubans rather than the five-year, $100 million contract he can get from the Fightin Jay-Zs.

Dwight Howard is not going to be traded to the Mavs. The Mavs don't have enough to offer the Orlando Magic. The only way D12 lands with the Mavs is as a free agent, which is another 82 games and change away.

One free agent alternative remains Houston Rockets point guard Goran Dragic. According to this report in the Houston Chronicle, Dragic's demands are too high for the Rockets and he won't be returning to HTown.

He wants about $10 mil per year, and he wants to start. 

After being inserted as a starter last season, he averaged 16.3 points and 7.3 assists after the All-Star break last season. Overall, he averaged 11.7 points and 5.3 assists.

He is only 26, and last season he demonstrated there is a far greater upside than his track record originally suggested.

No, Goran Dragic is not D-Will. And $10 mil per year is a lot, but the Mavs can't expect to ask Jason Kidd to start any more.

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