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Jaromir Jagr, Eric Lindros & the Dallas Stars

Nhl_g_lindros_195When Eric Lindros signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Stars for the 2006-'07 season concussions had completely derailed his career and what was left was a big guy with great hands but little else. He was done, but the Stars were hoping maybe something was left. There wasn't.

In 49 games, Lindros scored 26 points. He left the team without even doing his exit interview. He was only 33, but it was his last season in the NHL.

The Stars' signing 40-year-old winger Jaromir Jagr is not going to Lindros sequel. Jagr could potentially be done and we don't know it, but he won't be finished for the same reasons as Lindros. Physically, and mentally, it was no longer there for Lindros.

The closer comparison could be the Stars when they signed a then-35-year-old Valeri Kamensky in 2001. He wanted it, and it was just no longer there.

At 40, Jagr has obviously slowed down and he is not the same guy he was with the Penguins when he sported that killer mullet, but he has something left. Jagr still has an awful tendency to turnover the puck, and he has never been known to be a huge fan of the two-way game, but defenders must honor his talent which creates space for others.

I like this signing at one year considerably more than the two-years the Stars gave 40-year-old Ray Whitney. 

ImagesLast season with the Flyers, Jagr's first season back in the NHL since 2007-'08, he scored 54 points with 19 goals in 73 games. Eight of his 19 goals came on the power play.

At the very least the Stars upgraded their wretched power play by adding Jagr and Whitney to the top six.

As long as the Stars and their fans keep their expectations appropriate for a 40-year-old man playing a young man's game, adding Jagr is a worthy gamble.

And he won't be another Eric Lindros.


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