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Martellus Bennett failed to get the memo that he's not very good

11128206-largeThe unofficial line on former Dallas Cowboys tight end and new New York Giant Martellus Bennett saying something stupid was one day. I had the under.

On the first day of training camp with the NY Giants in Albany, New York, Martellus did as Martellus does: Said something dumb. He apparently couldn't flourish playing behind Witten, and he hates the Cowboys.

Bennett told reporters, ""I mean we are cool, but we ain't that cool, know what I am saying? I kind of got some ill feelings toward them overall. It is a game. I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL."

Funny, because there are a lot of people at Valley Ranch who aren't fond of you. Not because you're a bad guy, but because since the time you the Cowboys burned a second round pick on you all you did was not take your job very seriously, screw around, and waste your considerable athletic gifts.

And for a guy who supposedly hates everybody in the NFL, he sure is nice to them on the field. Few Cowboys embodied apathy the way Marty B did when it came to football, which drove people crazy. This guy has the tools to be great, but it's so much easier to be -ish because, in this case, it pays six figures.

He also said he wants to kick "(The Cowboys) asses". 

Now he also said some nice things about former teammate, tight end Jason Witten, but then sounded like a dope when he added "plants can't really grow when they are out-shaded by the tall tree."

Marty B wasn't a tree; he was a weed with the Cowboys. And that is definitely the proper greenery comparison.

The Giants are going to find out what the Cowboys already know: Martellus isn't a bad guy, he's just an indifferent pro.

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