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Mike Modano in no rush to figure out what to do next with the Dallas Stars

GYI0060197627It hasn't been quite a year since Mike Modano retired from the NHL, and so far neither Mo nor the Dallas Stars have pushed about what he should do next. Current Dallas Stars assistant to the GM, Bob Gainey, has long embraced the philosophy that retired players need about a year before making any decision about the next phase of their life.

That year, however, is almost up. Mo doesn't sound like a man who has any interest in playing again, but figuring out how he can be active with the Dallas Stars remains a priority. Or a loose priority.

"I did have a lot of talks with (team president) Jim Lites and (owner) Tom Gaglardi about where I would fit in and what position, potentially," Mo told me recently. "There are options, and we haven't narrowed it down yet. There is no time frame on it, and they know I'm not leaving Dallas. They have been good about it."

He has tried the broadcasting thing, and his initital reaction is not too different than any former player who does it. 

"There is way more preparation than I was expecting. The in-studio stuff is hard. You really have to know the entire league and study and watch games and know it," Modano said. "I do like the color aspect of (calling games)." 

I can't see Modano ever coaching. I don't think he would have the patience for it.
I don't see Mo trying the management, GM thing.
I certainly don't see him scouting.

I would imagine Mo will eventually land into a part-time, hybrid role that will allow him to be active in the community on behalf of the team, give his advice to and on players, and increase his role on the broadcast side. 

He sounds like he is no rush to do anything full-time, and it may be another year before he really grabs responsibilities with the team, but he is too valuable to do nothing.


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