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Morris Claiborne doesn't have any choice

Morris+Claiborne+Dallas+Cowboys+Minicamp+P7nD8fWpfF2lIRVING - On the final day before the Dallas Cowboys depart for the cool and enviable temperatures in Oxnard, Calif., rookie corner Morris Claiborne was drenched in sweat.

He said he has never been to California before. Better enjoy the weather, where the high this weekend is scheduled to be 70 degrees on Sunday. Sounds like hell.

"It's better than this," Claiborne said pointing the haze that surrounded him after the final practice this morning.

Enjoy it. Now all he has to do is be the shutdown, No. 1, lockdown, don't-throw-it-his-way corner the Cowboys desperately, desperately need not only to justify the trade to acquire him, but to be able to effectively run Rob Ryan's defense.

I asked him if he is aware of that the team expects him to be ready by Week 1.

"Oh, yes sir. From the time I got here, my first practice, they didn't hold me back," he said. "They put me out there and I had to hit the ground running right away."

Even if Claiborne is good, and the Cowboys don't have to keep the training wheels on him for too long, it won't be able to disguise what could be a weak safety situation. But if both Brandon Carr and Claiborne are solid, it would make like considerably easier.

(BTW: This is an old photo; he no longer wears a cast over the wrist.)

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claiborn is a stud. i have not had much hope for the cowboys in some time. but claiborn could be something for this team. he could be a spark and make a difference. time will tell

Ray Rae

My boy Claiborne is the real deal. His is going to blow Prime Time away.

T Rae Pain

Ray Rae has got it right. Claiborne could be a rebirth of the Cowboyz. All you haters out there, go get you some popcorn and get ready for a wild ride with the Boyz this year!

Andrea from Big D

You people are nutz. Claiborne is a great athlete but no way is he going to be a difference maker this year. The Cowboys have some serious problems and Claiborne is only a begining.

Bob In Arlington

While not a Cowboy hater, I have sincere reservations about the "D" having cured all of it's ills on the shoulders of two men. Please remember, another sure shot Terrence Newman who was great, couldn't cure the Dallas "D" either.

Don't put all the weight on Claiborne's shoulders just yet, the college game is not near as fast as the pro game. Give him some time.

Claiborne will first be tested by the big/fast running backs each team will throw at him, then they'll throw at him.

His rookie season will be full of action for the rookie as they won't want to throw or run at Brandon Carr.

Both will only be as good as the pass rush.

At least it's a change for the better.


I saw Claiborne at LSU a few games and he sure seemed special. I don't know if the SEC has the offenses top to bottom of the Big 12 but he sure seemed to handle the opponents put in front him pretty good.


I loved him at LSU but any LSU is suspect in my mind. They are superb athletes but mentally, I wonder. Les Miles is a moron. I wonder about his players. Let's hope he is everything he appears to be.

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