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UPDATE: Report says Dwight Howard wants the Dallas Mavericks in 2013

Dwight-howard-to-the-lakers-rumorsUPDATE: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports! is reporting something that should thrill the blank out of Dallas Mavericks fans. Dwight Howard is pushing Orlando for a deal to LA or Brooklyn, or it's the Mavs next summer.

Wojnarowski sent out this Tweet on Wednesday night: "If (Dwight) Howard gets to free agency in '13 without having been traded to Nets or Lakers, Dallas is overwhelming favorite to sign him, sources say."

He added this report this morning that says D12 is threatening to go to the Mavs if a deal isn't worked out to the Nets or Lakers.

Wojnarowski has had a bang up summer breaking NBA news, and he is one of the more connected national writers. 

Now, anything that Howard says should be taken with a block of salt. He could want to play in Greece tomorrow.

Landing Dwight Howard in the summer of 2013 would make this summer of spare parts in 2012 worth the disappointment. Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban has loved Howard for years, primarily because he is arguably the best big man in the game.

A lot can and will happen between now and July 1 of 2013, and I still don't think Howard is going to land with the Mavericks. The Magic can't let him get to the open market and lose him for nothing, and the Mavs don't have enough to offer in return to create an enticing deal.

The Nets or Lakers still seem like the obvious choice, which means D12 will be dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks.

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howard is a big baby

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it will never happen but it should be fun to watch the fire works. love to c cuban get this one done

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