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Restaurant review: Why the Happy Meal makes you feel sad

IMG_1122At least more than 20 years have passed since I attempted the world famous Happy Meal at McDonalds. Another 20 years should pass before I do it again.

Although this combination of a chicken McNuggets, fries, apple slices and a drink is about the same price as a medium flavored coffee drink at Starbucks, it still sucks. It's a meal that requires a shower upon completion.

Only convenience, and serious hunger, drove me to try this eternally popular meal that targets kids. With the exception of the highly addictive french fries, which remain crack-like, the Happy Meal's crowning achievement remains its cheapness. And the toy.

This is the smallest meal combination McDonald's offers, and here are the calories:

6-piece chicken nuggets: 280 calories
Small fries: 230 calories
Apple slices: 15 calories
Small soda: 150 calories

For an average adult-sized male this is not horrible. You can do a lot worse at McDonalds. But for a little kid, even one who is burning calories that an adult can only dream about, this reads like a quick ticket to a real life version of Super Size Me.

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