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SMU is disgracing the legacy of the Pony Express by hiring hookers, & then not paying them

2_02-SMU_LargeSomewhere Ron Meyer and the rest of the 1980 SMU Mustang football team must be ashamed. Back in the day the crew on the Hilltop didn't need to hire a prostitute. They probably had someone do it for them.

Not sure I would have copped to this, but three SMU football players claim they were robbed by a prostitute that one of the players refused to pay.

I am guessing this wasn't a Groupon offer that expired, either.

According to the report, the three football players returned to their off-campus home after an official SMU football banquet to see that more than $3,000 in electronics had been stolen.

One of the players told the cops that the person responsible for the theft was a - cough, cough - escort, whom he hired for $50 in exhange for relations.

Dude, you paid $50 for relations and skipped out on that small tab? What did you expect? Girlfriend's gotta eat. Either way, this is not going to look good on said escort's profile on Angie's List.

SMU is investigating the matter.

SMU is doing a nice job of rebuilding its football program in an effort to win games the way they did when they were a national power in the 1980s. It's just sad that a program that was once so renowned for vice under the table can't do it the right way.


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Michael Goulding

Maybe SMU can hire Bobby Collins and Bob Hitch to look into the matter.


Henry Lee Parker is sending the check in an SMU Athletics Dept envelope.


TCU football team can't handle their crack behind closed doors and an SMU player skips out on payment for services rendered. Rule of thumb- crack is wack for Frogs and even a professional should get pony'd up.

Ira R.

Doesnt make a bit of sense. TCU drug bust=Front page news=probation. SMU hookers=nothing... crazy.

Brad Ford

It's going to be a great TCU-SMU game.

The TCU Players can bring the drugs and the SMU Players can bring the girls.

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