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The Mavericks should have close to $34 trillion in cap space

1326802548Say this for Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson, when they wanted to go for cap space they really wanted to go for cap space. The way this summer is shaping up for the Dallas Mavericks, they may have $34 trillion dollars in cap room in the summer of 2013 to sign a collection of free agents to play next to Brendan Haywood and Yi Jianlian.

Not that keeping veteran point guard Jason Kidd was going to solve the many problems this team faces, but watching Kidd sign with the New York Knicks for a three-year, $9 million deal is almost depressing.

What are we going to watch when the season starts - Dirk vs. the Thunder?

It was this time one year ago when the Mavs were coming off their first NBA title with this roster. Here is that roster, and where they are now.

G JJ Barea - signed with Minn last offseason
G Roddy Beaubois - Mavs
F Corey Brewer - signed with Nuggets last offseason
F Caron Butler - signed with Clippers last offseason
F Brian Cardinal - Mavs
C Tyson Chandler - signed with Knicks last offseason
C Brendan Haywood - Mavs
G Dominique Jones - Mavs
G Jason Kidd - close to signing with Knicks
C Ian Mahinmi - Mavs
F Shawn Marion - Mavs
F Dirk Nowitzki - Mavs
G DeShawn Stevenson - signed with Nets last offseason
G Peja Stojakovic - retired last offseason
G Jason Terry - close to signing with the Celtics 

This is what the Mavs have right now ...
G Roddy Beaubois
F Brian Cardinal
G Vince Carter
F Jae Crowder
F Jared Cunningham
F Tadija Dragicevic
C Brendan Haywood
C Bernard James
F Yi Jianlian
G Dominique Jones
C Ian Mahimni
F Shawn Marion
G Delonte West *
F Dirk Nowitzki
F Brendan Wright 

* A free agent but expected to return, although at this point take nothing for granted.

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34 Trillion, huh? Looks like Mavs are buying the entire NBA.

tom matt

trade Dirk and do as the football Colt's did,///


Talk about going from the highest of highs to a nauseating, vomitous, vile low in a single year. I remember the dejection well in 06, and the redemption and high from last year. That photo of Dirk and Jet embracing will be forever burned in my Mav memory bank.

It was gone way to quickly.

Thank God i DVR'd it.....

He B Gee Bee

all that monet' and no one worthy to spend it on...


HE must have a plan. Mark is a great owner, maybe one of the best. What's happening in Dallas is mystifying. The whole team is gone and there is NOBODY to help refill the rooster. I thought we would be getting HUGE AND AWESOME this year but it aint so. I hate Lebron but give Riley some big props. The guy knows how to fill out a rooster. Let's hope Mark figures it out soon or the Mavericks might as well join the WNBA soon.

NBA Finals 2013

How dare you say those things!!!! Brian Cardinal and Vince Carter can FILL IT UP!!!!!!!!!!


Is Cuban a great owner or a great basketball mind? Two different questions. Mind you...the Dallas Mavericks would've been nothing during this era without Dirk.

You can look like a pretty good coach and management team when you have Dirk, Tim or KG in their prime.

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