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The reason Deron Williams stayed with Brooklyn

Deron-williams(1)Not that this will make any Dallas Mavericks fan feel better, but in an interview with Chris Berman of the New York Post, Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams said he was very close to signing with his hometown team.

Click here for the whole story in the NY Post.

Williams is currently training with the U.S. Olympic team in Las Vegas as they prepare for the London Summer games.

D-Will did say that had the Nets not traded for Joe Johnson of the Hawks that both he and Jason Kidd planned to sign with the Mavericks. 

In this interview, D-Will said the lure of going back to Texas to play was very strong. Strong enough to offset the $25 extra million the Nets could offer. Or at least that's what he said.

But it was Nets' GM Billy King dealing to add the All-Star Johnson that told him to stay in Brooklyn.

He said, "It came down to where I felt I had a better chance to win for a long period of time.

And this, "It was a hard decision. It was my hometown team I grew up watching that I would have loved to play for. My family would have loved for me to play. I kind of felt I let the city down because they wanted me there so bad."

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Deron, you DID let the city down. The Mavs gutted themselves for you so they could build around you longterm, and then you turned your back, leaving your hometown team an empty shell. Thanks!

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