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The reason why the Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapsed

11345576-largeI am more than a bit close to this story since I was one of the people inside the Dallas Cowboys practice facility that collapsed in the spring of 2009. How none of us was killed that day is baffling. 

According to this report by AP writer Danny Robbins, the company that built and designed this piece of garbage knew it might fall. 

No blank. It was not a facility. It was a tent.

When Mother Nature wants to, it can make anything fall, especially a giant bed sheet wrapped over a metal frame.

In this story Robbins writes: "The documents reveal that Summit knew the facility was prone to buckling and planned to provide the Cowboys, who had complained about the building's structural integrity, with engineering calculations that would hide the defect."

I have been critical of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones' "no comment" stance attitude towards this subject, which I have always understood from a legal aspect, but at least this shows they were aware there could be a problem.
The thing was nothing more than junk with a giant star logo on the exterior. Before I ran like hell out of the exit I clearly recall one corner of the structure being lifted up from the ground while the top buckled and caved towards us as the door we were running through collapsed.
So, Summitt Structures LLC, you were right - it was indeed prone to buckling. 
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Dan Vincent

Not "baffling", Mac... It was a blessing - the Lord protected you guys. :)


Mac, let me first say that I am thankful that you made it out in one piece, must have been a nightmare.

Robbins' story is garbage, and obviously he has only been given a few pieces of info for someone's benefit, and to try to make himself relevant again. It was a poor design, agreed, but to think that they intentionally tried to cover up flaws in a building owned by there most important client, one of the world's most well-known sports franchises, is completely ridiculous. They tried to fix it, spent a lot of money doing so, but it didn't work. Start looking at the fix, there you will find the problem.

Q Man

I wish you had gone done with the building. It would have been a more compelling story and we wouldn't have to suffer thru reading your crappy blog


@Q Man
Is someone holding a gun to your head and making you read this blog? If you don't like the content or the writer, don't click on the link dummy.

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