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The Romanian gymnast who should be in a James Bond movie

Catalina-ponor-2-d0000D887c504f4dae998_display_imageListening to NBC Summer Olympics gymnastics "play by play" man John Tesh tear up at the news that Jordyn Wieber of the U.S. missed out on qualifying for the women's all-around final on Sunday didn't exactly bring me great pain.

Or my pain quickly subsided when the NBC cameras zoomed past the empty seats in London to focus on Catalina Ponor of Romania.

Suddenly myself and millions of other viewers were very interested in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The three-time gold medalist in the '04 Athens games will turn 25 next month, which in this sport means she is closer to 83. It's all good. She should win the Gold medal even if she falls, trips and spits on a judge.

Ponor_catalina_21When her career is over she should be able to land a gig as a femme fatale in a James Bond movie.
















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Paul Sasque

She is so beautiful, so are a lot of other Romanian girls.
Love Catalina!


Pretty sure that was Al Trautwig and not John Tesh.


Catalina is incredible beauty and talent

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