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The University of Texas still doesn't have a quarterback

Mack brownDALLAS - Mack Brown brought in a group of cheerleaders from various Big 12 schools for his meet and greet with the media. Mack collected 10 cheerleaders and put them to his right to act as a nice diversion, but a pack of cute coeds can't divert the reality that St. Mack still doesn't have a real quarterback.

Despite all its resources, cash, TV network and every other advantage known to God, the head coach of the University of Texas "amateur" football team still doesn't have a quarterback.

After a 2011 season of four QBs and a 2012 spring of two quarterbacks, he doesn't have one.

Brown said this morning that Case McCoy and David Ash left spring practice "even". If this is true, and I doubt that it is, it's a problem. If it is true, it's a problem.

Brown said he expects one of these guys will establish himself in fall practice, and that he expects one of these guys to clearly win the job. If that doesn't happen, the Horns are screwed. 

It is true that the Longhorns had serious issues at receiver, running back and offensive line in 2011. It's also true that a solid, consistent quarterback can cover his offense's flaws. Neither Ash nor McCoy was able to do that because each has issues of his own.

Ash still looks the guy with the greater upside, and that he will eventually "get it".

If not, no number of cute cheerleaders surrounding Mack Brown will provide an effective diversion.

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I agree with your assessment (writers love to hear that, eh). However I question putting the word "amateur" in quotes. Mean spirited. No less amateur than KU or TCU. Biased a bit, are we?


people were saying the same thing in 2006 when colt mccoy was an unknown redshirt freshman


As an LSU fan, I have witnessed first hand a team that had every bit of talent everywhere on the roster. Sadly a lack of a QB resulted in a 21-0 defeat in the BCS title game. The QB MATTERS. Hopefully the Horns find one and stick to him.

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