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This former TCU RB is running for the money

TCU+v+Clemson+mAedeFdSrjgmIRVING - Ed Wesley drove TCU head coach Gary Patterson a bit nuts in his time with the Horned Frogs, but it's hard not to be a little more than sympathetic for Ed right now.

Ed may not have loved the school part of college, but he does sound like a man committed to earning his degree. He said he just needs two more semesters to finish. And he would have finished had his mother not needed the cash.

"That's what it boiled down to," Ed said.

In the early spring, Wesley planned to declare for the NFL Draft in April. He changed his mind, and planned to return for his senior year. But his mother's condition didn't get any better. Ed made himself available for the NFL supplemental draft, and was not selected.

June Gates is 46 is recovering from breast cancer, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, can't work, and basically lives on $800 a month in government assistance.

"It's not enough," Ed told me on Friday, the day before the team departed for training camp in Oxnard, Calif. "My mom's health isn't getting any better so I had to do what I had to do. The NCAA is really tough on what you can get as far as help. Mom can't work, and she receives a $800 per month disability check. It's just not enough. It's not enough to cover a car payment, or a lot of things."

Wesley was picked up by the Cowboys as an undrafted rookie free agent. Basically, he's a long shot and he better embrace the kamikaze life on special teams fast if he wants to make an impression.

"I did get nervous for a second when I didn't get picked because I thought, 'Maybe I'm not talented enough,'" he said. "It's not until you get around these guys do you really know what the case is."

Ed said he has been told by TCU that he can return to school whenever he wants to earn the degree.

Running backs have become like diapers in the NFL, so ... you never know. Maybe he can stick for a while. For his mom's sake, let's hope he does.

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