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Tommy Tuberville is using language that paints himself into a corner

220px-Tommy_Tuberville_2011_Texas_Tech_Red_Raiders_Spring_GameDALLAS - Texas Tech head football coach Tommy Tubberville may not have won a lot of games yet in Lubbock (13-12 in two years), but the man knows how to win interviews. Charm oozes from this man. I suspect it's one of the primary reasons he was hired to replace Mike Leach.

In only his third season with the Red Raiders, TT is using language that is encouraging but a little dangerous. 

"We recruited a lot better in the last two years than I dreamed we ever would," TT said when I asked him if he was feeling pressure in light of last season's 5-7 record and ninth place finish in the Big 12. "When I got there, I had people tell me how you can't recruit, it's hard, it's too far away from everybody, that's the reason you're short now when you go in on defense, you can't get linemen."

TT stressed how much bigger the players are and how much more depth this 2012 team should have. That's great. Hope it works.

But any time a coach starts talking about recruits and recruiting should be a red flag. It can often be used as a delay and stall tactic. "Once we get our recruits in here" ... "They need time" ... etc.

TT's claims about recruiting are almost counter to Mike Leach's assertion that his final year in Lubbock he had the best class of his tenure. Yes, I am sure that was a dig at Tech and TT.

"Just being here a couple of years, everybody said:  You're on the hot seat.  I'd like to coach a few of these guys I recruited," Tuberville said. "So hopefully we can get this thing going a little bit better each year.  We're not there yet.  I'll be the first to tell you but we're much closer than we were three years ago."

TT should at least get another two years, minimum, but any sales pitch on recruiting is going to fall on the deafest of ears if the Red Raiders have another 2011 style collapse.

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Bill Simpson

Tuberville had more injuries in one season last year than the previous coach probably had in his last five seasons. I tend to agree with Tuberville that he needs to be given time to get "his" program together.

He may not last another year if Tech misses a bowl for a second year in a row, but there is no doubt he's recruited well whereas the previous coach made excuses and appeared to alienate the Texas high school coaches with his arrogant attitude toward them. Arrogance is fine if you have championships to back it up, but clearly that wasn't the case.


Mike Leach left almost all of the recruting to his assistants, rarely making personal visits. The man also did not know the meaning of the word defense and considered it just a necessary evil to be tolerated until his offense could get back on the field. If given time (which with the idiots in charge of the athletic department in Lubbock is doubtful) I think Tuberville will field a quality team in the next couple of years.


Of course Tuberville won't be fired unless Kent Hance is shipped along with him. Did Adam James graduate?

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