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Video: Dez Bryant press conference challenges Baywatch Nights for Biggest Wastes of Time

IMG_1095DALLAS - All the Dallas Cowboys & Dez Bryant did today was to delay the inevitable barrage of questions that are sure to come his way when both he and the team arrive in Oxnard, Calif. for training camp this weekend.

Today's dog and pony show at the law offices of Mr. Royce West in Dallas was a self-serving waste of time. They would have been better off to just send out the statement and a picture of Dez & his mom hugging.

From a legal standpoint, I can understand Royce West not allowing his clients to field questions from the media. As for Royce's decision to release the statement before he walked into the room where all he did was read the exact same statement and then leave is a bit baffling.

No questions for Dez or Royce means we don't know if Dez is going to be suspended by the NFL and Police Commissioner Goodell.

What was the point? To look good on camera? Done and done.

In case you are interested, here is the video (apologies if the quality is not exactly Warner Bros.):


If you can't watch the link, here is the transcript of the statement by Mr. West:

"Mr. Bryant and his mother, Angela, are appearing here today because they feel it is important to address recent reports that Mr. Bryant committed family violence against his mother. Although Dez would like to speak to this matter, on the advice of counsel, he will not make any statements at this time.

"Did a family disagreement occur? Yes. Did Dez Bryant commit family violence against his mother? No.

"They are here together today to show they do love and support each other, just as much as they did before the incident a week ago. But like all families, the Bryants have disagreements.

"Mr. Bryant and his family understand the serious nature of family violence. They believe when all of the facts are reviewed, Mr. Bryant will be cleared of any allegations of family violence.

"Angela Bryant does not want charges filed against her son. Ms. Bryant has had an opportunity to speak with other people who witnessed the incident and has field an Affidavit of Non Prosecution with the DeSoto Police Department. She recognizes that under the law, filing an affidavit may not impact the legal outcome of her complaint. She asks that her affidavit be taken into considering in deciding whether it is in the best interest of her family for this to continue in the legal system or allow them to resolve the issue as a family.

"Dez and his mother believe this is a family matter that can be worked through couseling.

"They ask that there not be a rush to judgement concerning their family. They also ask for your continued prayers and support for their family as they work through this matter."


.... So that clears all of that up.

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